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Welcome to Avinity.

Our Business

Trying to encapsulate what we do is extremely difficult and complicated but in short, we represent organisations in supplying products and solutions on behalf of their brands. We are a distributor of products, we are an engagement house, we are a fulfilment business, we are a B2B technology provider, we are a reward and recognition company, we are a concierge service and we are a brand experience agency.

This combination is not unique to us, but in putting it all together, coupled with our extensive integrated skills and collaborative capabilities in procurement, supply chain management and logistics, technology capabilities and our consultancy style approach; this makes Avinity unique.

Avinity connects organisations with the people who matter most. We are an agency that achieves positive brand experiences through creative product and service solutions.

Our destiny is to provide a little magic in these moments that matter.


Our Purpose


At Avinity, we provide the ‘wind beneath the wings’ of our clients and their brands, to help them achieve their commercial goals. On their behalf; we reward, we recognise, we replace, we provide, we fulfil but most importantly - we deliver those magic brand moments. We help deliver a better brand experience, an experience that inspires, is smart, is enthusiastic, is shared, is genuine, supportive and magical. Our ambition is to offer a service that is both memorable and engaging for everyone; something that we will be exceptionally proud of.

We Collaborate

Our collaborative 'can-do’ attitude is core to absolutely everything we do. We strive to bring the best out in our employees, to deliver a strong and unified cohort working ethos. Greatness doesn’t just happen by itself; greatness can only come from a like-minded team all pushing in the same direction to achieve common goals for our clients, their customers, their employees and their stakeholders. It’s not just about stepping up now and again or close enough is good enough, it’s about a relentless pursuit to achieve the best possible outcome for everyone. When we exceed expectations, our clients will evolve, enjoy greater success and get a little closer to surpassing even their own brand expectations.

We Identify

Our role is to identify and enhance the key moments in the client-to-customer journey. We achieve this by applying our proven methodology which engages organisations and the people that matter with the perfect product fulfilment solution and service outcome. Whether you are looking to commence an employee recognition scheme, run a consumer promotion, launch a sales incentive, replace a damaged product or fulfil a charitable grant; we are the business that makes it all happen. Everything we do from beginning to end is carefully planned as we are committed to achieving success for everyone. We constantly go beyond expectations and help to create exclusive partnerships that are the true representation of your brands worth, its culture and its values.

We Value

Our vision is not about short term financial gain, we are objectively committed to the long term. We're all about creating value and uniqueness in the services we provide and by building relationships between brands to initiate a sustainable connection through moments that matter. Avinity is a cause as much as it is a business. We do this through our collaborative behaviours and actions, through our delivery, through variety; we identify, we listen, we value and we inspire. Everything about Avinity is 100% positive. We are in the business of delivering “magic brand moments”. Magic for our clients, magic for their customers and magic for all stakeholders. That’s Avinity for you.


Our Services

Our services can be identified into four distinct target markets: consumers, commerce (business to business), colleagues and charity.


Our Sectors

Some of our clients are small, some are global corporations: from Blue-Chip organisations, local authorities and High St brands, through to marketing agencies, social enterprises and charities.


Supplying of products to sales promotions and reward agencies.

Film & Media

Management of national competitions

Financial & Business

Implementation of sales promotion campaigns

Food & Drink

Designing, developing and delivering trade loyalty platforms

Retail & Distribution

Delivering tactical sales initiatives and customer acquisition schemes

Leisure & Hospitality

Facility management support services

Telecoms & Technology

Provisioning of Channel Incentives

Industrial & Building

Implementing trade promotions

Charities & Social Care

Supporting grant giving services


Our Solutions

Our collaborative way of working with employees, suppliers, logistic companies and clients spreads the load to provide value for everyone involved. Here's just a little part of what we do.

  • Promotions
    Product Supply

    We can source, supply and fulfil a wide variety of products

  • Promotions
    Global Supply

    We have a network of global suppliers that support us with our worldwide dispatching.

  • Employee reward
    Online Rewards

    Our online reward portal can be tailored to suit any corporate requirement

  • Promotions
    Social Recognition

    We have a social recognition platform - perfect for engaging employees

  • Promotions
    Gift Codes

    We can facilitate the supply and delivery of retailer e-codes.

  • online procurement
    Online Procurement

    Our corporate web portal is your gateway to a wide selection of products.

  • Installation & Recycle
    Installation & Recycle

    We can deliver, install and recycle all large domestic appliances

  • Warehousing & Fulfilment
    Warehouse & Dispatch

    Our 30,000 sq ft warehouse enables us to carry stock, offering immediate direct despatch.

  • Payment Card
    Payment Card

    Pre-paid debit card, perfect for grant giving, sales promotions and staff incentives.

Satisfied Clients

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